My daughter just bought some chickens and she was afraid of the Fox's, Coyotes, bobcats, Raccoons,etc. killing them because that is to be expected up here in the High Sierria's. 

The other day when I went by her house she showed me what she had bought online to keep her chickens and Ducks safe, "Wolf Urine"  Liquid from one website and Crystals from another one.

This is what I told her , not because I know this to be true but more logic I guess

"If this is actuall wolf U. then how do you think they got it from the wolf?" 

She says, "I don't know maybe the zoo or from someone that raises wolves" 

"why does that matter?" 

I say "that should be the only thing that matters!" 

"They don't get this from the zoo do you think they have buckets for them to pee in? Of course not!"

Someone is making money on this so they probably have wolves strapped down with cathadar's in them" 

She says "no they don't" 

"How else are they going to get it from them then?"

It is people like my daughter that keep that kind of business going! 

Unless it says synthedic don't buy it PLEASE

It never did keep the wild animals out though so she bought a dog that does!


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