Error messages

How many of you on several different occasions tried going. to your blog then finding out the page doesn't exsist? Not just your blog but! So you try again later and sometimes you get through right then and sometimes it's the next day. This last time really scared me though, 3 days I tried and I finally got through with a great sigh of relief, you know why?

I did some research on free blogging sites and more times than not you find out that they no longer exist anymore, not just the free ones but sometimes even the ones you pay monthly for.
The reason for this isn't as important to get into as the fact that it happens and your blogs are gone!
A small part of you and your opinions, feelings, etc... Just gone

I wish there was a download button that we could download everything we blogged so if that does happen we don't have to lose everything.


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Comments (2)

  1. looking_up

    Been happening a bunch for me… Can’t blog an important post today as a result

    July 31, 2016
  2. christophermfield

    There are number of times its happen to me that i have find the page and make account then when i visit next time its been vanished and an error reporting page display for me and essaydaddy essay writing service help me in this regard.

    November 11, 2016