Then and Now

The things that matter so much to you when your are young are so different than the things that matter when you are old, if only I could have realized that then.

Then-   .I had a thousand friends

Now-   I am lucky if I have one.

Then- trying on different outfits that made me look thin (yet I was thin Then)

Now- trying to find something that even fits (now I am Fat)

Then- experimenting with different colors on my hair

Now- Trying to find a good hair color that covers all the grey

Then- struggling with my homework

Now- struggling with life, death,bills, kids....etc

Then - deciding what friend to go out with on friday night

Now-  deciding which one of my friends is still alive and if we're even friends still

Then- figuring out how to cut class

Now figuring out how to cut costs

Then- Government class and understanding tax's and voting ....

Now -Federal & state taxes and why we have to pay so much to own things!

Then- paying my brothers to do my chores so I could  go out

Now- missing my brothers and appreciating all the things they did for me

Then - Taking my Mother for granted, never spending time with her and wondering why she was always bitching at me.

Now- Realizing how much my mother did for me, wanting and wishing I could spend time with her, noticing how she was always right!

Then- dreading family outings

Now- wishing my family was more than just a memory


Where is the life that I recognize.... Gone away...





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Comments (2)

  1. noahbody

    Time sure does change everything.

    August 11, 2017
  2. akamia

    Everything you thought you knew

    August 12, 2017