Mothers Day Saddness

I no longer know how to put into words what I feel anymore it has gone beyond words.

The pain I feel since I lost you has almost become familar to me, I know it will always be there.

I can gaze at the most beautiful of sunsets yet I look thru them and only see you.

You showed me how to be brave and strong yet I feel so weak and so scared when I think of life without you.

So many people I've known through out my life but you were the only one that was always there for me, my pain you would absorb never wanting me to hurt, you never turned your back on me and you were always on my side, by my side.

I lost so much more than a mother when I lost you, I lost my best friend and I guess I lost my way somehow too,  I've experienced what it feels like to die alittle yet have to live with it.

Where is the life that I reconize.....gone away


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Comments (1)

  1. shadowstarz

    May 14, 2017