Being Right, Is it really what you want?

Being Right, Is it really what you want?

How many times have you argued with someone because you know your right? You may have even proved it by jumping on the internet and then saying "see I told you"

Well being right sucks!  I hate being right.

The picture above is of "Franklin" , so tiny, adorably cute with ears so big you thought he might fly.

Tuesday, July 26 th I buried Franklin next to T-bone my 150 lb pit bull that lived 16 years. Franklin was 1 day shy of 3 months old.

I drove to the only 2 vets in my town and called 2 more in neighboring towns but none would see Franklin that day but gave me the earliest appt for the following day even though I argued that he wouldn't make it that long. You know what? I was right! So tell me how good it feels to be right?

This isn't just about loss, or death, or being right, it's about not understanding why, what happened?

I prayed for 2 days as I held little Franklin in my arms watching him suffer, right before he died my prayer changed, this time I didn't pray for him to get better.

Looking at Franklin and seeing how bad he was suffering I prayed to Jesus just to end his suffering and before I even had the chance to say Amen he died in my hands.  Why?


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