School Shootings In U.S.

Aug. 1, 1966: Charles Whitman, 25, a collegestudent and former Marine, killed his wife and mother before carrying a rifle to the tower on the campus of the University of Texas in Austin, where in a 96-minute rampage he fatally shot 14...


Politicians, Like Diapers, Should be Changed Often. And For The Same Reason.

Weak Heart

Inside Me Is A Weak Heart But Behind It Is A Strong                                   GOD


A thousand plastic flowers can't make a desert bloom and a thousand empty faces can't fill an empty room

Dear Mom. Day 16 Katrina

Oh Mom, I don't know what to do with your dog, she just keeps barking and barking until I feel as if I will go mad. Katrina I guess misses you too.

Dealing with Death # 2 'Another reason for Leaving'

My second encounter with death was my Grandmother when I was 10. The one thing my Grandmother taught me was to NEVER use God's Name in vane, she was very Religious and she use to tell me that if I was going to grow up to cuse, I was never to use...

Dealing With Death # 1

My first encounter with death was when I was 9 years old. I was riding my bike with some other kids and I heard glass breaking and a woman screaming so I pulled in the driveway and the front door was open, this woman was inside crying and I start...

Character Verses Reputation

Character Verses Reputation   The circumstances amid which we live determines our Reputation. The  truth we believe determines are Character. Reputation is what you are suppose to be, Character is what you are. Reputation is the...

Dear Mom, It's not my fault!

As this whole thing has happened way to quickly with my mother and I'm still in shock I sit here and keep thinking 'this isn't happening, this can't be true, what happened?' Then I realize why this has been so hard on me.At no point did those Doctors...