Reverse Mortgage

After my Mothers death 12/26/2012 I have been having a very hard time, how anyone survives the death of their Mother is beyond me but to make matters worse the Bank sent a guy out the house yesterday to inform me that the house belonged to the bank...

The Wait Is Over.

The waiting is over for Katrina my Moms dog, she no longer waits for my Mothers return. Katrina died a couple of days ago and now I wait alone.

The Greatest Gift

Jesus did not die for us while we were his friends, but while we were his enemies, opposing him by our sinfulness.

Dogs will wait forever

I feel so sad for my mothers old dog Katrina, my mothers been gone over a year yet her dog still waits for her to return and in a way I think I wait with her.


I think I might finally be getting use to being alone although I don't like it. A big house that use to be so full of family and friends is now quiet and empty. How fast kids grow up and people die. I stand out on my mothers balcony and see what she...

A Year Already

How could it be almost a year that my mother has died? how is it possible to have been on pause for so long? I now know that a person can cry everyday for a year without dehydrating. I had a dream about my mother the other night, as soon as I saw her...